Reasons To Hire Us

Benefits of Proofreading

  • You can be sure that the essay, dissertation or thesis you submit will be written to the highest possible standard of English
  • You will receive suggestions on places in your work that can be improved
  • You get a highlighted copy of your work showing the changes we have made so you can see where you are going wrong, learn from that and improve your writing in the future
  • Proofreading by a professional proofreader will find errors that cannot be picked up by automatic checkers
  • Our standard proofreading service also includes light editing to ensure your work uses an academic vocabulary
  • We specialise in helping ESL(English as second language) students

Our proofreaders

  • All our proofreaders are native English speakers and will make sure the ideas you are presenting in your work are delivered as clearly as possible
  • All our proofreaders are highly experienced at proofreading academic papers and understand the unique requirements of proofreading dissertations, PhD theses and essays
  • All our proofreaders have the highest qualifications available


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