Paper Proofreading

Academic papers, whether they are for internal submissions, presentations at conferences, or submissions to journals, all need to be clear, concise, and to the point. When you spend endless hours poring over research, it is easy to make, and overlook, simple mistakes in your hard work. This is where the meticulousness of our proofreading professionals comes into play.

At Horizon Proofreading, we have a well-defined process in place that helps us to consistently deliver our services affordably, consistently, and quickly. We proofread thousands of papers each year in American, Australian, British, and Canadian English. If your paper is for a journal or conference, you can email us the specifications separately, allowing us to perfectly proofread, edit, and format your work in the exact style required.

Your privacy and confidentiality are our priority. We understand the importance of keeping your work secure; therefore, our system is designed to be completely secure, and our proofreaders adhere to our rigorous privacy guidelines.


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