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Our mission at Horizon Proofreading is to provide clients with the best editing services available. We stand behind our editing services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Clients can submit their documents with confidence, knowing that a proofreading specialist will edit their text. Horizon Proofreading provides grammar editing, which includes the correction of punctuation, verb, tense, spelling, and sentence structure. Your document is carefully proofread, ensuring effective communication to your target audience. Editors offer suggestions in terms of style and flow, certifying a well-written document. Our team of highly experienced editors have reviewed over 35,000 documents since 2001. Our commitment to placing our clients' needs first means that we now receive the vast majority of our work through word-of-mouth recommendations. Horizon Proofreading offers excellent customer service and timely responses to customer inquiries. Horizon Proofreading editing services are already employed by many students and businesses drawn from different countries. Clients have been consistently impressed with our professional proofreading services. We are pleased to say that clients continually recommend our services to friends and colleagues. You are welcome to to join our ever expanding client base. Horizon Proofreading is very serious about client privacy. Sitemap

Horizon Proofreading's Privacy Policy explains how we protect, receive and use your personal information and documents. As a professional online business, Horizon Proofreading respects the fact that you have entrusted our company with your intellectual property, and believes that it is a fundamental right that your work should remain confidential at all times. We are fully committed to protecting your privacy.


We understand how important every student's work is, and we have engineered the systems that we use to ensure that your work is never accessible to any third party or individual that is not directly linked to the Horizon Proofreading process.. Your document will only ever be accessible to you, the expert proofreader that it is assigned to, and the administration of Horizon Proofreading to certify that all amendments meet our strict academic proofreading standards. Furthermore, Horizon Proofreading will never contact anyone with reference to you as a customer or divulge any personal information that you have provided.


Your document and personal information is uploaded, downloaded, and stored using a secure, purpose-designed system, meaning that your document is not accessible to anyone outside the proofreading process.


All proofreaders have signed confidentiality agreements, and their experience and qualifications have been fully established to the complete satisfaction of Horizon Proofreading. Additionally, the original author will always maintain copyright, full control and ownership over every document submitted.


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